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Author / Performer / CEO Productions Liberté



Benidorm-Paris-Los Angeles

Date of Birth:

August 29, 1996


Julia Paris, was born on August 29, 1996 in Paris. She is a French author/performer, director and producer. In 2010, she was the youngest lyricist registered with SACEM and today has no less than 280 original compositions in her repertoire.  

In April-May 2017, during showcases produced by her association "Le Manège de Piaf", she presented her show " Edith Piaf: between France and USA " at the Comédie and  Studio des Champs Elysées, 15 Avenue Montaigne in Paris.  

In 2018, she worked with artist signed on the Universal Music label and collaborated on the writing of two titles, "Je pars" and "Avance" on Chimène Badi's album released in April 2019. In 2019,  "Je n'aime que toi" , a text she wrote, declaimed by Alain Delon and put on music by Rick Allison.  

Since then, the young woman has created her production and music publishing company "  Productions Liberté® ". It is therefore under her own label that Julia Paris began her career as a singer-songwriter through an eponymous EP of four titles exclusively in French unveiled in its entirety on January 20, 2020. She released a summer single, " Fugue en Italie", on April 27, 2020, whose dazzling success led her to record an Italian version, " Fuga italiana ", a few weeks later. During the summer of 2020, Julia Paris performs on stage in the South of France . In October 2020, her first album "EN VOL" was released, including a clip from the single "Il suffirait de rien" signed by Emanuele Scorcelletti. During the year 2021, Julia Paris performs on several occasions in emblematic places such as Lucas Carton in Paris ( Christmas and New Year ) and releases during the summer season a serie of covers of mythical titles of French songs.

The year 2022 marks a turning point in the career of Julia Paris with international performances, notably in Spain. On May 31, 2022, she unveiled her first novel "L'imprévu" which she self-produced and distributed exclusively on Amazon. On December 12, 4 years after the recording of her text "Je n'aime que toi" by Alain Delon, she released a new single "Dis-moi".


Julia Paris has also been a Safety Pilot since she was 18. She has more than 500 flight hours on Citation II SP jets and King Air 200s. Several missions, including some for the NGO AMREF Flying Doctor, have taken her to all around the world.


October 2019 - Today

January 2018 - March 2018

February 2015 - December 2017

School career

Productions Liberté - President / Performer / Lyricist

Creation and management of a legal structure for music production and publishing.

Recruitment and management of a team of more than 20 peoples.

Construction of a strategy and a business model. Implementation of musical projects.

Artistic career development (performer / lyricist / artistic director)

Cartier - Press Office / Events - London, UK

Work in collaboration with Cartier's communication and event teams. Assistance in the organization of events. Implementation of a communication strategy for the exhibitions "Ocean Liners - Speed & Style" at the Victoria & Albert Museum and "Cartier - The exhibition" at the National Gallery of Australia.

Le Manège de Piaf - President / Artistic director / Lyricist / Scriptwriter

Creation of a legal structure for the musical show “Edith Piaf: between France and USA”. Construction of a strategy and a business model. Creation and management of a creative team. Writing a screenplay and original songs.

Sciences Po - Campus of Saint German en Laye

Catholic Institute of Paris - Preparatory Sciences Po / Bachelor of History

Lycée Louis le Grand - Literary 12th Grade

House of Education of the Legion of Honor - from 7th to 11th Grade

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