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JULIA PARIS presents "En Vol" her first album with particular intonations... The universal topics of lyrics have made all generations dream, sing and travel without barriers of time or space while sketching the contours of a new, more modern French song inclined to seduce an audience of his age largely predisposed to listening to English-speaking or urban titles.

Immerse the listener in a timeless universe where each word is in adequacy with the note which embraces it and where the main topics are the echo of the subjects which govern its life. Love, friendship, travel are indeed the guidelines of the five new titles offered by JULIA PARIS in her first album. But, above all, " Il suffirait de rien ", "Mes amis", "La vie, souviens-toi", "Ma différence", "Permis d'aimer", " Fugue en Italie " and " Fuga italiana " are first of all texts. This concern for writing is the basis of the work done on this album.

"EN VOL", a nod to Julia PARIS's passion for aviation, is as much an invitation for the listener to discover the world from new perspectives, as a way for Julia PARIS to assert herself as a singer-songwriter, a role she took on a year ago. Far from getting lost and trying to create songs "in the style of" Julia PARIS has set as objectives, with her composer Yacine AZEGGAGH, to move forward and to decline both in ballads and in titles "up tempo" a musical universe that she wanted in total adequacy with the new refined visual identity created by the photographer EMANUELE SCORCELLETTI to illustrate this new adventure.

At just 24 years old and thanks to her label " Productions Liberté " Julia PARIS self-produced and thought of this first album as a decisive turning point in her young career, a "turning point" in this flight plan which will take her, she hopefully as far as possible.





Paris, France


October 9, 2020



#85 Itunes Charts France

#2 Itunes Charts Luxembourg

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