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At only 15 years old, Julia PARIS began writing the show "Edith Piaf: between France and USA" in 2012, following a meeting with the last official photographer of the star, Hugues VASSAL .

In February 2015 she founded the association "Le Manège de Piaf" which will serve as a production structure for this project.

After 5 years of hard work, the show is presented during three showcases at the Comédie and at Studio des Champs Élysées, 15 avenue Montaigne in Paris. On stage, 18 actors present the American dimension of Edith PIAF's career in a unique way. Punctuated with original songs by "La Môme" in English as well as original creations in French (Julia PARIS/ Fabien GALLAND), choreographies created by Johan NUS and archive images, this show goes so far as to stage the match of boxing which opposed Marcel CERDAN to Tony ZALE by calling on two professional boxers ( Jemil BARAN / Maxime DEVIGNAUD ).

A large-scale project whose ambition was to mix the past and the present and to reach the younger generation. The challenge was successful: during the three performances the public was there and enthusiastic to discover a new facet of "La Môme".

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