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"Discover Julia Paris, artist, singer, songwriter. She is transmiting her love of travel in her albums. More than a passion for her, traveling allows everyone to grow, not to go around in circles in their opinions.

Among other things, she shares the same thoughts about society as her former philosophy teacher Charles Pépin: "I think that people who don't travel really lose their humanity to stay focused in the life they have, and that they fail to change their point of view. »

Julia Paris unveiled in October of last year, her album "En Vol", a project in which she got involved after finding the desire to sing for her again, when Alain Delon found himself interpreting the one of his texts. Here title "Fugue en Italie" has exceeded one million views on Youtube.

For the singer, our society has reached its limits and now holds out hope for a new world, a new culture, imbued with philosophy on the individual and the collective."I think we are reaching a turning point in how to structure our societies, that work was important but there are other things in us that we need to express. I think that today, settling down also means answering the question of why we are here, and learning to get out of our comfort zone to go and do what makes us say: "Yes, I want to do that. »

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September 17, 2021

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